Are you looking for a fresh and unique training that will equip your managers to coach in 10 minutes?

Here’s an overview of our Coaching For Great Work open ‘taster’ event that’s coming up in London UK on October 25th.

The context behind this training is purely and simply coaching skills for the busy manager.  The ‘USP’ for Coaching For Great Work is that we provide managers with the tools, confidence and know-how to coach effectively in 10 minutes or less, whether it’s in a formal meeting, at the water cooler, over lunch or during a call.  Coaching counters three glaring truths that are happening in today’s organisations:

===== 1) Managers are busy and distracted, chasing their tails and very often focusing on the wrong stuff.

===== 2) Managers are confusing coaching with consulting and often doing the team’s work themselves.

===== 3) The two glaring barriers in your organisation that stops coaching really working is a) TIME (I don’t have enough of it) and b) FEAR (I am going to make  a mess of it).

Our unique coaching training programme counters these three truths and empowers busy managers to practice great coaching quickly and effectively.  A recent study found that, even with managers trained in coaching skills, less than 25% of people receiving coaching said it was having a significant impact on either performance or satisfaction.  Those are shocking statistics.  And unlike every other coach programme for managers we’ve seen, Coaching for Great Work was built from scratch to tackle head-on the barriers that stop managers coaching more.

This event is about sharing with you our ‘3 coaching moments’, unlocking the secret of how your managers can deliver simple and effective coaching within your organisation that works in 10 minutes or less!  What you can expect from the programme:

• How to have real, effective and impactful coaching conversations in 10 minutes

• Get you and your team to stop the busy work and focus on what really matters

• Know the difference between Good work and Great work and why you (and your organisation) should care

• Understand why coaching does not flourish in organisations and the 3 barriers to overcome.

• Take away our handy coaching cards to deliver the ‘3 coaching moments’.

We will show you the tools to provide focused, results based coaching that increases clarity, expands possibilities and creates accountability fast.  Coaching for Great Work cuts through the time, hype and un-necessary complexity of coaching and makes it easy for any manager or leader to leverage the people around them quickly, simply and easily.

Where: Venue tbc, likely to be Central London location. When: Thursday 25th October 2012 (all day).

Companies that have benefited from this programme include British Gas, Gartner, GSK and Nestle. Ticket price is £175 per person (ex VAT).

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Here’s what others have said about the day:

“I thought the course was very informative and enjoyable, the levels of participation were much higher than I have experienced in previous courses, so much so that it was a challenge to keep us quiet. I would recommend this course and this approach.”

“I would attend a 2 day course and recommend it to all my managers.”

“This allowed me to put more structure to my coaching sessions and reinforced not trying to jump to solutions.” “This will add huge value to our own internal coaching processes.” “Very enjoyable and I would like to do more.” “Really useful, practical and simple process.” “I like the principle of keeping things simple but effective, not expecting managers to be expert coaches straight away.”

“A very good course, very applicable to my role and I have taken a lot from it.”

“I loved the style of questions and ability to hold a coaching session in 10 minutes.”