Jonathan is a highly experienced executive coach, facilitator and speaker, having lead the design and delivery of major programmes for some of the UK’s most recognised organisations including Sainsbury’s, NHS Property Services, Mitie, CBRE, Volvo Trucks, M&S, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Three, RBS Group and Oracle. With international delivery experience, Jonathan has lead executive coaching and training programmes across Europe, the US, Middle East and Africa. Jonathan is also a conference host and speaker for the CIPD.


Jonathan is passionate about transforming the way managers and leaders lead and strengthening organisational cultures towards trust and a growth mindset, helping them to be truly engaging environments that evoke the best in their people. Jonathan’s strengths are centered on adding value through better execution and having an expectation of more from himself and others.
Jonathan’s career experience includes ten years commercial and management experience with two of the world’s most recognised brands, Coca-Cola and Red BullJonathan’s  experience within Learning and Development is extensive, working with both public and private blue-chip sector organisations, as well as medium size businesses who are navigating their company lifecycle from ‘start-up’, through ‘adolescence’, to ‘prime’. Jonathan’s training and credentials are highly robust having trained with the Coaches Training Institute and holds Executive Coaching certification with WBECS as an ACE certified coach.

✓  Executive coaching – Mitie Leadership Team and Strategic Account Managers, Mitie
✓  Executive coaching – Senior talent fast track programme, Volvo Trucks
Executive coaching – Chief Executive, The Marketing Society
✓  Executive coaching – Directors, British Airways
✓  Coaching training – Senior managers, CBRE
✓  Coaching training – Senior Operations managers, Sainsburys/Argos
  Coaching training – Directors and senior managers, Civil Aviation Authority.

Executive coaching programmes can be structured via tailored 1:1 programmes or ‘Coaching on Demand’, a bundle of 50 sessions, allowing for greater flexibility on cost, audience and time commitment.

EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence profiling diagnostic can be used as a start point for leadership self awareness, available at additional cost.

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Our belief is that work and home life is wholly intertwined, an integral part of who we are and how we are being, which affects both family and colleagues.  When we get emotional or angry we are simply faced with a barrier and a frustration, there is something getting in the way of what we want to achieve.  To work through that frustration and remove those barriers is extremely hard to do alone and that is where coaching comes in, helping people to learn and be accountable for themselves to improve, succeed and evoke the best in themselves.

‘Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. Helping them to learn rather than teaching them.’

John Whitmore

For us coaching is an equal partnership, based on absolute trust and openness to share any barriers or frustrations that might exist. From there we facilitate new perspectives to get to the core of your challenge, identifying appropriate solutions and creating accountable action to achieve results.

Coaching is by no means about starting from a negative or looking to ‘fix’ something.  Anyone who engages in coaching recognises the scope and desire to improve, raise the bar and eliminate potential frustrations that may be present.

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