The 5 key resistors to coaching…

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Let's face it, coaching remains quite mis-understood in many organisations. Managers think they are coaching but at best they are advising and mentoring, very often with a question mark at the [...]

4 Reasons Managers Should Spend More Time Coaching

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This is a very insightful article from Weintraub and Hunt of Babson College, highlighting key differences and indeed impacts between managers who coach and those who do not. Also of interest [...]

What Millennials Want In The Workplace.

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There is no doubt that the workplace tide is changing significantly in terms of the needs and expectations of the new Millennial Generation or 'Millennials' as they are known. The old [...]

6 Essential Strategies for the Busy Manager – Hangout Video

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On a sunny day in September Michael Bungay Stanier and I shared some key strategies on how very busy managers can work less hard and have more impact. We talked about [...]