Generation Z – ‘The cohort of people born after the Millenial generation’ (late 90’s to early 2000’s, albeit there is debate about the specifics), otherwise referred to as the ‘iGeneration’ (internet generation) or ‘Homeland Generation’. The Homeland Generation reference relates to this era of instability and challenge faced by terrorism and people feeling safer to stay at home.

By all accounts we were unprepared for the Millenials and what they wanted at work and, of course, it’s important to understand what it is the new generation does want in order to engage, challenge and get the best out of them in the workplace. By 2020 Generation Z will make up 20% of the workforce and this article from HR in Asia provides some useful and interesting insights into what to expect. In short, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, positive about diversity, more influenced by family than friends and of course, even more plugged in.

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