You already know the value of developing coaching skills: coaching can increase focus and capacity, reduce overwhelm and dependency, and drive both engagement and impact. You’ve probably brought in coaching programmes before… and most likely you’re here now because they haven’t stuck. Why not? Because managers are stretched more thinly than ever before. They don’t have time to add another task to their job description. In today’s busy world, they need to coach someone fast and as part of the work they already do — not in addition to it.

Half day foundation course for coaching. We help managers and leaders develop — and keep — the coaching habit. When managers become more coach-like, coaching ceases to be a one-off formal event and instead becomes a part of their everyday repertoire.


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This innovative, award-winning programme is an introduction to coaching skills for managers and leaders. Beginning with a half-day session, The Coaching Habit programme shows busy managers how to slay the advice monster so that they can say less, ask more and change the way they lead forever. To ensure that it becomes an innate way of leading and interacting, we deliver tools and accountability systems to get it “in their bones.”

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We will focus on a range of practical next-day-ready coaching tools to increase focus, engagement and impact, including:

  • The 7 most powerful coaching questions for managers, core questions that can be used in any conversation.

  • The Coaching Bookends™ — powerful ways of starting and finishing any management conversation to help increase its coaching impact

Post-Programme Process
Finally, we establish a 108-day process as a follow-up to the introduction to coaching skills for managers. This helps embed the new tools, skills and behaviours. It includes:

  • Access to a comprehensive Booster Shot™ learning portal

  • A tracking tool to identify possible coaching moments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

  • An action plan and commitment to practice coaching skills for 90 days

  • An accountability support system between participants that keeps people encouraged and engaged

  • A 108-day follow up course that helps key lessons from the coaching programme stick

Who Should Attend?
This programmes is aimed at busy managers and leaders who want to develop a strong coaching habit so they can work less hard and have more impact. This introduction to coaching skills helps managers, executives and leaders of all levels understand how and why they’re so quickly and easily tempted to jump in and be the advice giver and the problem solver — and the price that they (and the employees they’re managing) pay for this.

With this new understanding, it becomes easier for managers to disarm the “advice hair-trigger” so that managers can use their coaching skills when the occasion calls for them. It helps develop coaching skills as an everyday habit.


  • We make coaching a normal everyday activity, not “weird HR.” – We believe that being more coach-like can transform every interaction. The Coaching Habit is intuitive and practical, and can be used immediately and every day
  • We show that coaching helps the manager too, not just the person being coached – We bring a new understanding of how coaching helps the busy manager work less hard and have more impact.
  • We teach practical skills, not abstract theory – We don’t teach a coaching model but, rather, build on the wisdom in the room, so that people leave with insights and skills that are usable and practical for them.


  • A half-day programmes, followed by 108 days of micro-learning support

  • Available for up to 40 participants

  • Appropriate for any level of management

  • A powerful foundation for the Coaching for Great Work programme


Discover the 3 steps to making coaching really deliver results for your organisation!

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