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Employees are clamouring for ongoing, open feedback from their managers. But sadly, most of them aren’t getting it. Many times, feedback is relegated to a once- or twice-a-year conversation. Sometimes managers dance around the real issues, hoping the employee will get the hint — or worse, avoid the conversation altogether, hoping it will all just go away.

And, when employees do get feedback, it often comes in the form of a formulaic positive sandwich, or it feels too personal and subjective. Too often, there’s no built-in accountability to support any real behaviour change.

The way managers give feedback can impact employee performance and productivity either positively or negatively, depending on how well — or badly — the conversation goes. What if having those tough conversations was just a whole lot less … tough?


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The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need programme shows managers and leaders how to have more effective, more objective and more strategic conversations without the stress. Your people learn two simple, flexible and powerful feedback models, to help them turn the theory of feedback into regular practice and accountable actions. And we deliver post-programme “drip irrigation” support, to help grow skills so that feedback is frequent and ongoing.

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We will focus on a range of practical, next-day-ready coaching tools to increase focus, engagement and impact, including:

  • Two simple, flexible and powerful feedback models, to help people turn the theory of feedback into regular practice.

  • The latest findings in neuroscience — how our brains work and what that tells us about the art of management — and how understanding the deep drivers of our brain helps generate new approaches to engaging the people around us

Post-Programme Process
Finally, we establish a 108-day process as a follow-up to embed the new tools, skills and behaviours. It includes:

  • Access to a comprehensive Booster Shot™ learning portal

  • A 108-day follow-up course that helps key lessons from the coaching programme stick

Who Should Attend?
Imagine an organisation in which managers and leaders don’t avoid the tough conversations but actually learn how to give empathetic employee feedback on a day-to-day basis in a way that’s less fraught and more useful for all concerned. If that sounds like something worthwhile, The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need programme may be for you. This programme helps managers and leaders develop their communication skills and reduce the stress related to difficult conversations.


  • We use science to reduce conversation anxiety – We know difficult conversations can get the heart pounding. That’s why we dig into the deep drivers of our brain to help generate new approaches to engaging the people around us.

  • We help people prepare for feedback in five minutes – We demonstrate an approach that allows both the feedback giver and the feedback receiver to get
    ready for the conversation, to further reduce feedback anxiety.

  • We teach a 360-degree approach to giving and receiving feedback – This provocative method allows the giver and receiver to view the feedback from the other’s point of view, increasing the emotional intelligence of all participants.


  • A half-day workshop, followed by 108 days of micro-learning support

  • Available for up to 40 participants

  • Appropriate for all employee levels

  • Complements the Coaching for Great Work and The Coaching Habit programmes


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